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Saturday, June 23, 2018

When legs simply do not show up 9 – “The Fix 2”

Considering my physiology, the extent of the endofibrosis and the need to use my own vein as patch, my highly skilled surgeon worked out in detail how he will conduct the procedure to maximize our chances of a successful operation.
My lay understanding of the process was this:
  • Open the top of the upper limb and remove a spare vein that will be used as patch
  • Make an incision and cut through my abdominal muscles to access the inguinal ligament to release it (I have blogged about studies showing a tight inguinal ligament is often cited as a possible the culprit)
  • Open the groin area to access the external iliac artery, cut it open and conduct an endarterectomy (i.e. remove the endofibrosis from the lining of the artery)
  • Close the artery by patching it with the vein that was harvested from my upper limb
  • Close up and staple the skin together

Two gashes on the right side of my body making up 77 stitches overall as shown below.  This was obviously a major operation that requires time to recover - the best I can do is take it day by day.

"The evidence"

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