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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Watch this space...

It has been a while since my last blog entry and this is not from lack of material to share – quite the opposite. My schedule tends to get hectic and when I get a moment to spare to put some words on paper, I am overwhelmed by the scope and depth of what is available to me and I end up battling to pick the best logical place to start. I play around with a few ideas and how they will all connect through a common thread – the next thing the time is up. My next attempt is obviously more complex and takes even longer, because without fail, there is additional new material to consider. A life of a recreational, multi-sport athlete is eventful in many ways. If the body is in the best of form, focus is on reaching new limits, travelling to next adventure and doing all the planning required to make the lifestyle work. When grounded, especially by injury, a whole new learning opportunity opens and almost consumes you as you fight to get back to the field. But I am not complaining.

And so while the last few years have been eventful in many ways, my blog, sadly does not reflect this fact.  In the next few blogs I am going to write about a few events and journeys that I would like to highlight amongst others: my mountain biking journey and Cape Epic attempt, A few Comrades runs (each with own unique challenges), Transcape MTB, some interesting injuries of my right leg, fantastic trail running events, MT Aconcagua climb in Argentina and my recent diagnosis of the External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis.  Because this is looking back in history, the blog entries will not necessarily follow a sequential timeline. And with benefit of facts that I did not know at the time, this will make it particularly interesting for me and hopefully for the reader too.  

Watch this space.


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