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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comrades tools galore

The closer we get to the Comrades Marathon race day, the more I receive in my inbox, the most exciting and useful material or tools, developed by runners to assist others to complete the race within the cut-ff time. If anyone ever doubted the enormity of what Comrades Marathon represents to runners and supporters alike, then these “tools” should be enough to convert even the most doubtful.

To name a few (and there are many more):
· “A comrades marathon training programme for idiots and heroes” – Word document with practical advise and funny anecdotes. It is also useful from a motivation point of view, especially for novice runners
· “Comrades 2010- By Denis Kennedy” – Word document with practical advice, from a few days before the big day, right through to the finish line
· “BARRY HOLLAND's down” - A Word document that describes the route in detail – divided into 5 sections – and showing the elevation and highlighting the Big 5 hills
· “Comrades Packing List” – exactly as it says
· “Comrades pacing chart down run” – an excel spreadsheet that lets you input your desired finish time and then calculates your pace and elapsed time after every 5 kms
· Coach Norrie’s down run audio – a kilometer by kilometer description of the route. The audio includes practical advise around how to handle hills, congestion at the start, etc.

These in addition to the detailed information supplied by the Comrades Marathon Association through their website.

Comrades Marathon is in a league of its own – I doubt there is any race in the world that comes close in terms of the “tools” developed, strategies recommended, audios recorded and stories told.

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